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Canine Therapeutic Massage

Canine massage creates many benefits for both dog and owner. For your dog, it brings strength to weakened muscles, disperses pain in tensed areas, reduces stress and restores and maintains mobility and flexibility. All in, it is a healing and enjoyable experience for your dog.

For the dog owner performing the massage, it helps you discover potential problems early on, and simply gives you the opportunity to be present in a new way with a being that you love.

My approach combines knowledge and sensitivity. Knowledge refers to the basics of anatomy, physiology and dog behavior. Sensitivity relies more on the intuitive abilities and possibilities we all possess to connect with our dogs. The combination of these two approaches will make you more confident and competent to properly massage your dog.

I offer direct therapeutic massage for your dog as well as individual or group instruction for you to learn how to massage your dog.

Reasons to say YES!

Do you enjoy seeing your dog in a blissed out happy state?
Observe any changes in your dog’s health very early in the process.
Give your whole family a wonderful way to be more involved with your dog.

Help your older dog with her stiffness.
Enhance your own relationship and develop a deeper bond with your dog.
All new way to pay attention and express affection to your dog.
Learn new skills that allow you to be creative with your touch.
Teach your dog to be more receptive to touch, and easier to handle at veterinary visits.
Help your dog relax his muscles and de-stress


David Feldman
Certified Small Animal Massage Therapist
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